Barska Binoculars Review: A Great Waterproof Option

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Have you been searching for a good Barska binoculars review? If so, it’s probably because you’re looking for a good pair of binoculars to take with you on your next boating trip. Perhaps you’ve heard about their waterproof qualities and would like to know if they really work as well as they say.

However, that low price might be scaring you a bit. Sure, there’s certainly nothing wrong with saving a little money when shopping for binoculars. But as we all know, a cheap price often implies cheap quality.

So are these a good pair of binoculars to bring with you the next time you go out into the water? Or are you better off buying a more expensive pair? That is something you should learn in a good Barska binoculars review.

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What Are Barska Binoculars?

Barska binoculars are a pair of binoculartos that were specifically made with nautical and boating enthusiasts in mind. Despite this, they can easily be used for any outdoor activity. They’re completely waterproof, and they even float if you drop them in the water. That makes them a good choice if you plan to do some offshore birding.

These binoculars are also very affordable compared to many of the higher-end brands on the market. Along with getting an excellent pair of binoculars to bring with you when you go out on the water, you also get to save some cash as well.

What Else Do You Need To Know In A Barska Binoculars Review?

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Of course, there are some more things you need to know in a Barska binoculars review. Here are a few useful facts that will help you decide if these binoculars are right for you.

What Are Its Main Features?

Obviously, a good Barska binoculars review should list its features first and foremost. As mentioned before, this product is completely waterproof, and it floats. Additionally, these binoculars have a built-in neck strap and are small enough to fit in your pocket.

The bright, yellow covering makes them easy to spot if you have them packed with your other gear. On top of that, they have fold-down rubber eyecups which provide eye-relief for users who wear glasses.

Also, these binoculars have fully multi-coated lenses. That ensures you get the highest clarity and the brightest images possible. Furthermore, they have a BK-7 roof prism design that makes them streamlined and compact. Lastly, they are covered in a rubber armor that makes them durable and ergonomic.

How Is The Optical Quality?

Overall, most people were very happy with the optical quality of these binoculars. They’re easy to focus, and they provide bright, clear images. Out of every Barska binoculars review we’ve researched, there have been very few complaints about its clarity. It certainly gets the job done for a pair of binoculars in this price range.

That being said, it is important to temper your expectations somewhat. While the optical quality is good, it can’t compare to what you’ll get from a more expensive pair of binoculars. More specifically, images can become blurry at very long distances. Nonetheless, these binoculars work surprisingly well despite their small price tag.

Are They Comfortable?

Considering how affordable these binoculars are, you might expect them to feel cheap. However, this actually isn’t the case. Many people said that these binoculars actually feel very good in their hands. That is a common theme in any Barska binoculars review.

Customers said they’re highly ergonomic, they’re not too heavy or too light, and the rubber armor makes them feel incredibly durable.

In terms of comfort, the only frequent complaint was about the neck strap that comes with them. A few people described it as shoestring thin, and it can become irritating if you’re using it for long hours. Still, that is a relatively minor complaint in the grand scheme of things.

What Do Its Customers Think?

Many customers were very satisfied with these binoculars. For the price they paid, they got exactly what they wanted.

Both the durability and optical quality are surprisingly strong, and they’re comfortable enough to use for hours at a time. Several people bought these binoculars as gifts for their children. In these cases, the children were perfectly happy.

Unfortunately, there is one very common complaint you’re likely to find in any Barska binoculars review. Several people complained that the lenses are misaligned on some units. No matter how they adjusted them, they couldn’t get the lenses to align properly.

That makes it very difficult to focus and renders the binoculars almost useless. Although this experience wasn’t typical for everyone, it still happens often enough to make you worry.

That being said, most people enjoyed using this product. And you certainly can’t complain about the price. Customers gave these binoculars 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

How We Reviewed

When reviewing these products, we used Amazon as our main source of information. We also used the products’ official websites when they were available. On top of this, our opinions were largely informed by customer reviews on Amazon.

For these reviews, we focused on a few key aspects. These include the main features, clarity, comfort, and reliability. Price was also a major factor in these reviews.

How Do They Compare To Other Binoculars?

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Naturally, a good Barska binoculars review should discuss the competition as well. There are several other excellent choices on the market today. Let’s see how Barska binoculars measure up.

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The Nikon Aculon A211 is an excellent choice from one of the most popular binocular brands on the market. These binoculars feature adjustable, multicoated lenses and BaK4 Porro prism systems. This ensures that you have the highest quality images possible. It also allows you to see clearly in a variety of different lighting conditions.

Additionally, these binoculars have a central focus knob that lets you adjust the focus quickly and easily. They have an ergonomic, lightweight body, and they feature a durable, rubber armor coating.

Most customers were extremely happy with these binoculars. They provide very bright, clear images, and they’re very easy to focus. Several customers also said they’re very durable. You can feel their weight, but they’re not too heavy.

On the downside, some customers feel they’re rather mediocre compared to most Nikon products. More specifically, they get a little blurry if you zoom in too much.

These binoculars are quite a bit more expensive than Barska binoculars. However, the level of quality is noticeably higher. Overall, most customers were very happy with them.

Barka binoculars are good if you’re on a budget. Otherwise, you might spend some extra money and get the Nikon Aculon A211. This product has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

[amazon link=”B01JUZXTLM” title=”Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD” /]

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The Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD is another good choice. These binoculars are made specifically with birdwatchers in mind. They feature ED glass which helps prevent chromatic aberrations. That, in turn, allows you to view colors clearly and accurately.

They also have fully multicoated lenses and phase correction coated prism. That creates bright, clear images that are HD-quality. These binoculars also use DuraTech technology that makes them very light and very durable at the same time.

Many people said these binoculars are an excellent value for the price. Some customers even said they’re comparable to much more expensive brands. They loved how light they are. And despite their light weight, they don’t feel cheap. Moreover, they’re surprisingly clear and bright.

Unfortunately, these binoculars suffer from the same problem as the Barska binoculars. Customers had trouble getting both barrels to focus simultaneously.

These binoculars are somewhat more expensive than Barska binoculars. As you might expect, the optical quality is significantly higher.

However, both binoculars tend to have issues with misaligned lenses. With that in mind, you might be better off saving some money with the Barska binoculars. The Wingspan Optics Skyview Ultra HD has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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The Vortex Optics Crossfire is a great pair of binoculars from the ever-popular Vortex brand. These binoculars are fully multi-coated to increase light transmission. They also have multiple anti-reflective coatings.

This product also features adjustable eyecups that twist up and down, a center focus wheel that adjusts both barrels at the same time, and a diopter. It’s also compatible with tripods and car window mounts. Furthermore, these binoculars are coated in rubber armor for extra protection and a non-slip grip.

Again, several customers said these binoculars are an excellent value. A few said they’re the best binoculars they’ve found in this price range. They’re very easy to adjust and comfortable to use. The image quality is also surprisingly bright and clear.

Most complaints were relatively few and far between. However, a few customers mentioned that the binoculars were too wide for their face. That might be something to consider if you have a small face.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire binoculars are more expensive than the Barska binoculars. And overall, they’re a better pair of binoculars.

That said, they may not work for you if you have a smaller face. If that’s the case, you might go with the Barska binoculars instead. Otherwise, you’re probably better off spending some extra cash for the Vortex Optics Crossfire.These binoculars have 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Finally, there’s the Celestron Granite ED. These binoculars have fully multicoated lenses and BaK-4 prisms. These features enhance light transmission and enhance colors for incredibly bright, clear images.

They also feature a diopter, focus knob, and twist-up eyecups. All of these use metal construction, so they’re guaranteed to last a long time. They also allow you to adjust the binoculars as you wish. In addition, these binoculars are eco-friendly. They’re both lead and arsenic-free.

Most customers loved these binoculars. In particular, they said these binoculars provide very sharp, clear images. They also said the binoculars felt good in their hands. They feel durable, and they’re not too heavy.

However, there is one major complaint about these binoculars. Multiple people had problems with the objective lens covers coming loose. A few customers even went as far as to superglue them so they don’t come off. That is an unfortunate design flaw, and it could be a major annoyance to some birdwatchers.

Once again, the Celestron Granite ED is more expensive than a pair of Barska binoculars. And overall, the optical quality is quite a bit higher.

However, the quality of the objective lens covers is a different story. You’ll have to decide for yourself how important this is to you. If you predict this will be a major issue, you might stick with the Barska binoculars. The Celestron Granite ED has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Barska Binoculars Pros And Cons

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As you can clearly tell from this Barska binoculars review, these binoculars have some good things going for them. For one thing, they’re some of the cheapest binoculars you can find on the market. And despite their low price, they work surprisingly well. They’re very clear and easy to focus, and they’re highly durable. They’re also very comfortable to use for long periods of time.

On the downside, some people didn’t care for the extra-thin neck strap. More importantly, several people had issues with the lenses being misaligned. That didn’t happen to everyone, but it’s still a risk you’re taking when you buy these binoculars. Moreover, the quality of these binoculars simply can’t compare to more expensive models.


  • They’re super affordable.
  • They provide clear and bright images.
  • The rubber armor makes them very durable.
  • They’re very ergonomic.


  • The optical quality isn’t as strong as more expensive binoculars.
  • The lenses are misaligned on some units.
  • The neckstrap isn’t very comfortable.

Are These Binoculars Right For You?

After reading this Barska binoculars review, you should have an idea of whether or not these are the binoculars for you. Their floaty, waterproof design makes them a no-brainer for offshore birdwatchers.

And of course, you can’t complain about the price either. These are simply some of the most affordable binoculars on the market today. That makes them an excellent choice for beginners who are new to birdwatching. And as we mentioned before, they make great gifts for children as well.

That being said, these binoculars simply can’t compare to more expensive brands. If you’ve been birdwatching for a while, these might feel like a downgrade in quality.

Nonetheless, these binoculars can still surprise you. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of binoculars to take with you the next time you go out in the water, these could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you have a favorite pair of binoculars for birdwatching? Tell us about them in the comments!

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