My Spy Birdhouse Review: See Birds Without Them Seeing You

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Few bird-watching experiences are more rewarding than setting up a birdhouse for birds to raise their young. But wouldn’t it be better to see what happens inside the box? A My Spy Birdhouse is a discreet observation tool designed for unobtrusive bird watching.

The My Spy Birdhouse aims to provide a unique perspective on avian activities without disturbing the natural behavior of birds by allowing observers to witness feathered friends in their habitat discreetly. Birding enthusiasts can appreciate the beauty of birds in their natural surroundings without altering their behavior.

While some birds build nests on tree branches or shrubs, others seek a more enclosed home. These cavity nesters search for small openings and shelters to build nests and lay eggs. That’s where birdhouses come in! In this review, we’ll explore the functionality of the My Spy Birdhouse for an authentic bird-watching experience.

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What to Consider Before You Buy a Birdhouse

Bird house on stilts

There are several key factors to consider when attracting nesting birds.​ Birdhouses might come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to give them a more fancy appeal in your yard, but you may want to avoid these pretty yet unnatural styles when trying to attract nesting birds.

Birds avoid bright colors because they’re too obvious and stand out from predators. So, it would be best to stick with something simple, natural, and unpainted.

The best birdhouses should be made of untreated wood. Not only is wood durable, but it allows moisture and heat to escape during the summer. This helps to prevent the young birds from getting too hot inside the birdhouse.

Keep in mind that different birds also prefer particular sizes and heights for the opening of the box. If you’re trying to attract a specific bird species, you should look at what attracts them.

Avoid birdhouses with nonremovable perches since nesting birds don’t need them. Perches only get in the way and make it easier for predators to invade the box.

Once the breeding season is over, it’s a good idea to clean out the birdhouse. Keep a close watch on the birds to make sure they have entirely left the nest before attempting to clean. Remove old nesting material and scrub the house thoroughly. Then rinse well and leave it open to dry.

To make cleaning as easy as possible, buy a birdhouse with an easy-to-open side, like the My Spy Birdhouse.

Where to Buy the My Spy Birdhouse

Bird House flight flying
Bird House flight flying, ​Image source: pexels

​Although the original site is no longer available, you can still get My Spy Birdhouse from select retail stores such as Walmart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond. However, these birdhouses sell out quickly, so your best option is to order the birdhouse online.

My Spy Birdhouse is currently manufactured by the company Product Trend, LLC, a Hampton Direct, Inc. division. The company is reliable and offers several other products that are usually highly rated.

At the time of this My Spy Birdhouse review, the average customer rating was 3.3 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon, with several positive and happy comments supporting the product.

What Is the My Spy Birdhouse All About?

Like other birdhouses, the My Spy Birdhouse is meant to give birds shelter and a safe place to nest. But what makes it different is its design.

The My Spy Birdhouse is specially crafted to promise the safe observation of nesting birds. The design’s purpose is to view the birds without the risk of them seeing you.

Bird watching can be an engaging activity for people of all ages, but it’s important to remember that birds need their privacy. With this birdhouse, you can watch as they build their nest, hatch their eggs, and feed and raise their babies. That makes it not only entertaining for bird enthusiasts but also educational for children.

One side of the house features a clear window enhanced with a two-way film. This window allows you to view wild birds and raise their chicks without disturbing them.

It also includes an additional cover for the window, giving the birds more privacy.

Initially, the birdhouse came in a cheap plastic material incapable of providing decent insulation from cold and warm weather. The manufacturer has re-designed the birdhouse to use a more durable and weather-resistant acrylic.

The birdhouse uses suction cups that can attach to any glass window. The manufacturer claims that these suction cups are strong enough to last through severe weather conditions without worry of falling off.

Regarding the My Spy Birdhouse review, most customers confirm that the suction cups hold well. But there are a few complaints of them falling. However, this could be due to incorrect installment.

We’ve included the remastered original TV commercial below to get an idea of how this birdhouse looks and functions.

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​​My Spy Birdhouse Review: Does It Really Work?

What do actual customers say about their experience with My Spy Birdhouse?

Many customers claim that birds nested in the birdhouse quite quickly and that it was easy to set up and use. Compliments refer to the environmental benefits of the birdhouse and the ability to observe the birds without disruption.

Although most said they had nesters within the first month, some claimed the birdhouse failed to attract any birds.

Despite following all instructions, keep in mind that these are wild birds. Whether or not birds choose to nest in your birdhouse also depends on the bird, not only the birdhouse.

The most common complaints are all directed to physical appearance and design. They primarily reference the poor quality and tacky look of the product. However, we must add that you’re told the materials of the birdhouse before you make your purchase.

It’s important to remember that no matter how the birdhouse looks, the primary purpose is the birds’ safety and comfort.

That said, a couple of cases reported the included suction cups failed. Looking at the small number of adverse reports, this could be the result of improper installation.

Just like all products, opinions will often vary. The fact is, there are just as many, if not more, positive customers. If you’re still not convinced, watch this video of cute baby birds below!

How and Where to Set up the My Spy Birdhouse

What makes the My Spy Birdhouse unique is that you can attach it safely to a window of your house. Although any window will do, we recommend placing it in a quiet and peaceful location, away from heavy traffic.

Most birds search for a place to build their nest in late winter. So, the best time to set up your birdhouse is around February and March.

That will give the birds time to locate it before the breeding season.

Ensure your window is near shrubs, bushes, and greenery to help the birds feel more secure. And if possible, try to provide plenty of food and shade nearby. Many customers have better luck attracting birds when placing them close to a birdfeeder.

The birdhouse comes with easy-to-follow instructions for proper installment and mounting. After removing all the parts, start carefully sliding the included window into the birdhouse.

Next, attach the three suction cups to the box. You’ll want to attach one on each top corner of the house. The third should be centered at the bottom for full support.

My Spy Birdhouse comes with two additional-sized entry holes. If you prefer, you can place one of the included smaller holes over the original to attract smaller bird species.

Once you’ve chosen the location, you should mount it at a height of at least six to seven feet to ensure that it’s out of reach of predators.

The final step is to take the acrylic two-way mirror and attach it behind the birdhouse from inside your house. That makes it possible to view the box without disturbing the birds.

Top Tip: There are many ways to attract birds to your birdhouse. One way is to set up a feeder close to the house. Find out the best methods to attract birds to your feeder in this article. You could add a few birdseed ornaments, too – find out which are the best here!

Check out the video below for more tips about adequately setting up My Spy Birdhouse.

Alternative Options to the My Spy Birdhouse

Bird House
Bird House, ​Image source: unsplash

If you’re still unsure about using My Spy Birdhouse, other options exist to attract and safely view nesting birds.

With so many birdhouses on the market, there are a few that can make reasonable substitutes. However, each birdhouse is unique and may need different setup requirements.

This section discusses the best alternative birdhouses.

1. Songbird Essentials Recycled Plastic Window Nest View Bird House

​People rate Songbird Essentials highly regarding their birdhouses and bird-related products.

Although it isn’t wood, this windowed birdhouse is very durable, heavy, and reliable. It’s well-constructed of weather-resistant, rot-proof recycled plastic materials that protect from heat.

Similar to My Spy Birdhouse, the transparent back panel lets you see the birds. However, it doesn’t include a screen to keep the birds from seeing you. So you’ll need to purchase a film screen separately.

There isn’t enough suction, with only two suction cups to keep this heavy birdhouse on the window. It’s advised to get additional suction cups to support the weight better.

Some users found luck with applying a slight vegetable oil to the cups and resting the box on a storm window lip.

But once you have everything secure, this birdhouse is built to last and gives your birds a safe and happy nesting spot.

That said, most customers claim that Songbird Essentials is one of their top choices when it comes to birdhouses, rewarding it with a rating of 3.6 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

2. See Through Window Mirrored Bird House

Another choice for using My Spy Birdhouse is this similar window mirrored birdhouse. This birdhouse is a perfect example if you’re looking for a cheaper copy of the main product in this My Spy Birdhouse review.

It’s built to provide wild birds with a nesting box that you can hang on your window. You’ll be able to view the birds from inside your house without disturbing them.

The company claims that the birdhouse is made of the highest-grade materials without specifications. As it turns out, this birdhouse isn’t wood but built with low-quality plastic.

Although it includes a two-way mirror, it doesn’t reveal the birds as clearly as the pictures imply. It’s also very reflective, and many customers complain that they can see the interior of their room better than the birds.

A plus side is that the birdhouse has several suction cups to support the weight. However, many claim that the suction cups have difficulty sticking to the glass.

Compared to our My Spy Birdhouse review, this birdhouse fell short of our expectations. However, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. This birdhouse received 2.9 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

3. Ben Hargis Cedar Nesting Box

This beautifully crafted birdhouse is constructed of renewable eastern red cedar that is naturally weather-resistant and perfect for small cavity-nesting birds.

Cedar is insect-resistant and rot-proof to house birds season after season safely. The wood also provides insulation in cold and warm weather.

This box cannot stick to a glass window, unlike the My Spy Birdhouse. You should mount it on a free-standing pole, fence, or the side of a building.

Even though you won’t be able to view the birds up close, the box is open so that you can observe them from a distance. You’ll still be able to watch them build a nest and raise their young without disturbing them.

Since the box is open, it may leave the birds more exposed. So, you might want to install a predator guard on or below the nest box to help keep predators away.

Customers are pleased with Ben Hargis Cedar Nesting Box, made from cedar and with all the attention to detail that you’d expect. They reward it with a flawless 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.

Our Final Verdict

​​​​​​​The My Spy Birdhouse is a cute and fun way to take a peek into the world of birds. You can safely observe the life cycle of building a nest and raising its chicks.

Is it a decent product? Yes, but it’s not the type of birdhouse most birds need for long-term use.

No matter how durable the material might be, the quality isn’t as high or reliable as a birdhouse built out of wood.

If you’re looking for a fun or educational way to learn about nesting birds, you may find My Spy Birdhouse an enjoyable experience.

In the end, you’ll want a durable and safe birdhouse. Whether you like or dislike the houses in this My Spy Birdhouse review, it all comes down to your preference.

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